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Technical support - Reactivity - Consulting expertise

To meet your expectations, SAE & MARINI ERMONT have developed a service offering to ensure urgent repairs outside working hours (Saturday, Sunday, holidays and nights) under satisfactory technical and financial conditions.

Its modular approach allows you to respond to your reactivity needs in a timely manner over an extended time period in order to proactively anticipate the downtimes of your industrial units.

Because the service is just as important as our products and solutions, we want to support you in an optimized organization via a privileged support service.

Our after sales service is at your disposal to analyze your needs in terms of constraints and objectives. A technical environmental assessment of your industrial unit will allow us to validate a personalized specification.

Services offers

  • flèche icone

    Technical services on your existing and new installations

    - Technical audit on the operating site

    - Checking and adjusting the drum and checking the mechanics

    - Troubleshooting and mechanical and electrical checks

    - Thermal adjustment of your combustion plants

    - Verification and calibration of weighing assemblies

    - Modification, Software update

    - Software integration, CE marking

    - Assistance with the putting back into service of an installation

    - Technical and telephone assistance

A team of engineers, technicians and collaborators, with a great experience of the "trades" of the road and a Strong availability, to advise and intervene, following the
needs, both in France and abroad, both as part of the start-up, warranty, etc.

Your satisfaction is our priority

SAE & MARINI-ERMONT offers a team of engineers, technicians and collaborators, with a lot of experience and a high availability, to advise you and intervene, according to your needs, both in France and internationally.

We want to support you in an optimized organization via a privileged assistance service.



A powerful hotline to answer all your technical questions about the definition, installation, use, maintenance and repair of your asphalt plant.

Our engagements :

  • Be responsive at all stages of taking care of your requests
  • Provide you with quality advice through an adapted technical assistance service

Call us at 00 33 (0) 892 701 231

For any telephone troubleshooting or technical inquiries

Monday to Friday from 07:15 to 12:15 and from 13:30 to 18:30


Audiotel price 0,34 euros/min


Technical assistance

Innovative and tailor-made technical support through various services to help you make profitable your investments, optimize your asphalt plant, control your budget and finally capitalize on the existing.



A service offer adapted to your requirements:

• Technical audit of your plant

• Control and adjustment of the mixer

• Troubleshooting and mechanical / electrical checks

• Adjustment of pumps, flowmeters, ...

• Verification and calibration of weighing assemblies

• Modification and eventual updating of the automatism

• Assistance with the recommissioning of your cold mix plant, emulsion plant, storage,


Installation and commissioning of new projects

Appointed upon the registration of the order, our charge d'affaires assumes the assembly and commissioning of your new installation (review of specifications, planning, site monitoring, reporting and site reception).

We offer personalized support to ensure the assembly and commissioning of your asphalt plant in the state of the art.