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Paving concrete

Strict features for a high quality bitumen.

Efficiency & quality

Regardless of whether it is used for building dams, airport runways or concrete pavements, etc., continuous concrete production requires equipment that is capable of guaranteeing the required specifications, both for the material and for its application.

The quality of the final mixture is directly related to the quality of the metering of each component and the management of the production process.

At least three sizes of aggregates are used, with the weight-based metering of components containing fines. Water and additives are metered and pre-mixed prior to being added to the mixer. The mixer is adapted to the type of production and the quality of the mixture is continuously monitored by a wattmeter, which shows the plasticity of the mixture.

In certain circumstances, and particularly for formulas containing a high proportion of cement (from 330 to 450 kg/m3), the plants are equipped with two mixers.

The main criteria are the grading curve, plasticity, production consistency, additives and mechanical strength.



Continuous cold mix plant


Transferable continuous Cold mix plant


Mobile continuous Cold mix plant
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