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High added value technical and technological solutions.

retrofit SAE

Solutions configurators

Our retrofit experts accompany you in your projects for all technical improvements and renovations of your asphalt plants in France and abroad.
Retrofit parc à liants


● On-site technical audit
● Integration electric & thermal binder storage
● Integration recycling
● Integration foam bitumen kit
● Integration asphal storage
● Repair & replacement drag-slat conveyor
● Replacement dryer drum mixer
● Replacement burner (FUEL FOD–FOL–GAZ)
● Replacement filtration & fines treatment
● Replacement agregates dosing
● Replacement control cabin
● Replacement automation
● Replacement skid emulsion production
● Transfer asphalt plant
● Renovation used plant & bringing up to standards

Technical improvement & renovation on existing plants in France or abroad

● The addition of peripherals to increase the possibilities of the installation, both in production flow and in terms of the quality of production.
● Addition of new and more ecological solutions, production of warm mixes, recycled with asphalt aggregates.
● The upgrade, with respect to normative and security standards that evolve rapidly. As such, the levels of emissions, noise, dust (etc.) are fundamental parameters, depending on the production class and the location of the plants.
● Visual protection, insertion in the environment, reduction of the ecological footprint in the broad sense, are concerns of the operator.
● Finally, the reduction of energy consumption, during the drying phase, but also during the storage of components (bitumen for example), are subjects systematically explored during the study phase of "RETROFITAGE".

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Our team assists you in defining your needs in order to carry out your projects and will be force of technical and economic proposals to meet the requirements of your company in France and abroad.
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