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SAE continues its strategy of development

Developed during the last 4 years, eTANKS storage tanks in container format are the perfect complement to the binders storage range.

In order to have more compact equipment, SAE succeeded in designing containers that can be piled up.

The loaded weight of the 40’ container being 62 tons, while the normalized weight is limited to 30 tons, ISO containers have been modified, without reducing the capacity and by maintaining the maritime certification.

The first installation including 4 eTANKS with electrical heating, has been commissioned by retrofitting a Marini-Ermont’s hot-mix asphalt plant on Reunion Islands. Thanks to the energy performances provided by these eTANKS, the customer confirmed he has reduced significantly his energy invoice of 80%

The 4 containers provide a 200 tons bitumen storage for a floor area of 75 m3 only and a height limited to 5.50 m

Besides its many advantages (low transport costs, integrated retention tank, fast commissioning), this last innovation is a real answer for the customers who have a reduced lay-out space.

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