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Bitumen emulsion plants

The bitumen and fluxed bitumen emulsion plants Emulpack® equipped with the Bitumill® mills ensure a high quality emulsion as well as flexibility and comfort.

Bitumen Emulsion Plants EMULPACK®

EMULPACK® is a bitumen emulsion plant allowing the continuous production of basic or modified emulsion accepting any type of bitumen with the manufacture of the Soap solution by batch.

Fully configurable, integrating the adequate technologies for simplifying the operation of the unit, the emulsion plant is either a fixed or mobile plant and is equipped with the Bitumill® colloid mill, the Emulpack® is configured according to your needs:

- with or without flux line
- with liquid or pasty amines
- with or without latex
- with or without energy recovery
- etc ...

In a transferable version, it is ideally combined with e-TANK containerized storage tanks.

  • Emulpack®
  • Bitumill®
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