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Foam bitumen kit

Injection of foam bitumen into your hot or cold mix asphalt


Foam bitumen

The foam bitumen technology - SOLUFOAM® is the high-tech solution for outstanding warm-asphalt performances. Implemented into more than 300 plants, this technology is fully reliable and allows to produce high-quality warm-mix asphalt on demand, without any extra cost related to additives. It is also commonly used to bring maneuverability to hot-mixes with high recycling rates, thanks to its outstanding performance.

Injection ring


Fine droplets of water are injected into HMA or warm-mix asphalt.


  • waste recovery

    Continuous hot mix station

    Any type

  • waste recovery

    Hot mix asphalt plant


  • waste recovery


    diminution of -20 to -30°C

  • waste recovery

    Zero additional production costs

    "free" water

  • waste recovery

    Proven system

    Commissioning > 300 ex

  • waste recovery

    Foam quality

  • waste recovery

    Excellent maneuverability

  • waste recovery

    Reliable system without maintenance

  • waste recovery

    A real plus when recycling asphalt aggregates

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