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Savez-vous que notre savoir-faire c’est aussi l’offre de formation technique que nous dispensons depuis 1994.

We are pleased to count you among our customers for the purchase of new products, spare parts and technical assistance and after-sales services.

Reflections and perspectives on the asphalt trades have allowed us to identify the main axes in terms of training offer

  • waste recovery

    Do you have a training project that concerns one or more of your employees?

  • waste recovery

    Do you have a specific problem to solve that requires designing a training program tailored to your needs?

  • waste recovery

    You want to streamline the time of your employees and reduce costs by organizing training on your industrial sites, especially internationally?

To meet your specific training needs , we are working on several projects both in inter- company ( in our firm of Lorette ) and in  intra-company ( on your production site).

inter- company catalogue trainings

Our training catalog offers a pedagogical axis around three main themes:

  • Cold mix manufacturing techniques
  • Techniques for manufacturing hot mixes
  • Emulsion plants

Grouped around 15 themes, our courses and training modules are designed to give you the skills and tools you need to practice your day-to-day operational practices from initiation to development.

You want to perfect your skills or acquire new knowledge and know-how?

We offer you our internships: 2 to 5 days internships programmed in our training center, to answer all your needs of development and expertise, thus favoring the rise of the competences


intra- company trainings

Our technical training department is not just a catalog training provider. He also plays a role of watch and expertise with your staff.

It can set up a policy of collection of needs with your training services (census, analysis, development of adapted training) and responds to the requests of each one of them within the framework of an individual accompaniment (adapted training itinerary, support for individual training).

You want to train several employees at the same time, on your sites of exploitation, the solution passes by the intra and the measure. We have developed an individualized approach that allows us to offer you, in all circumstances, the educational solution best suited to your needs.

We provide you with an effective and personalized response by designing and offering training solutions that are as close as possible to your company's expectations, while also rationalizing employee time and costs.

Based on a preliminary diagnosis allowing us to fully understand your expectations and your specificity, our technical training department, with the support of its expert trainers, will take care of studying your need and will propose the solution adapted to your needs. context and your constraints.

You have an intra-company training project, consult us, we will build it together

Further information

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