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By combining several know-how: The binder modification plants, their storage facilities and the mixing and cold mix plants, SAE implements a unique synergy.

  • Centrale SAE sur les bords de Seine

Leader in continuous cold mix plantes and cold continuous treatment

The SAE facilities have evolved with road techniques since the early 1960s. Our facilities have participated in the construction of most of the infrastructures in France (roads, highways, airports, ...) but also in other countries on the 5 continents.


For years, qualiity, precision, process and reliability are the main arguments of our expertise.


The manufacture of granular materials or their continuous treatment is the most economical solution on the market; cold techniques with hydraulic binders, hydrocarbon emulsion for example, are sustainable solutions that respect the environmentn characterized by a low carbon footprint.


The scarcity of natural resources and the resulting extra cost make recycling and material recovery a central concern of the construction trades (roads, dams, airfield runways, canalization, etc...) and the quarry.


SAE's continuous cold plants meet all modern requirements, from the manufacture of reconstituted gravels to the production of the most technically dense cold mixes, as well as the processing and recovery of local products.

80 years

of Presence

9 000m2

of Facilities

40 000 m2

of Forest