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The heart of the system, the colloid mill

Bitumill®, the heart of EMULPACK® emulsion plants, ensures the quality of emulsions while providing flexibility of adjustment and ease of use in all-electric applications. The fineness of the emulsion, the available shear energy or simply its extremely quiet operation make BITUMILL® the essential equipment for your emulsion production.

The Colloidal mill of our manufacture

BITUMILL®: the hart of the plant


The rotor-stator air gap can be adjusted by turning a graduated hand wheel

Changing the gap setting allows the user to change the shear rate applied to the fluid and obtain the desired process results.

The indicator dial defines the position of adjustment of the gap and ensures the repeatability of the process

The BITUMILL® mill is designed to handle the full range of emulsion types:

- cationic, anionic, nonionic;

- for applications such as: tack coat, prime coat, surface dressing, slurries, cold-mix asphalt mixes, grave emulsions, waterproofing membranes, cold mixes, recycling and reprocessing emulsions, etc. .with pure bitumen, latex, PMBs



Bitumen and fluxed bitumen emulsion plants
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